Mitra Khorsandi

Mitra . Khorsandi, singer

Mitra .Khorsandi is experienced in various styles of Persian folk, pop and classical music. She has been performing folk Persian music and dance since she was 9 years old. In Iran, she routinely sang at regional festivals and competitions on Iran Radio and received award Ramsar music Festival at the age of 14. Mitra . Khorsandi’s musical education took place in Iran, USA, and India. She has studied radife Avaz, music theory, history of Persian music with Maestro Tareef and Indian Maestros .

Mitra .Khorsandi has been living in New York since 1986, works as a mechanical engineer, and has been teaching Persian literature, poetry, voice and folk dance to Persian school students since 1988. She has performed many concerts in the United States and Canada with leading Persian music groups, including with the Arts Ahimsa Chamber Orchestra (NY).


Singing style

Folk, Pop, Tradisional


Molod, Sahand, Shaliz

university of ottawa folk music


Folk dance




Persian Parade


Westbury university LIC new york